About Me

Mohit is a certified Scrum Master and SAS Base Programmer. He is a graduate of Boston University in the computer information system. During his masters degree he has worked under the Director of Project Management and had assisted him in various projects at the university level. Mohit also assisted in the development of an online project management course that became one of the best online course according to usnews.com.

He has worked at Wolters Kluwer and TripAdvisor as a Business Intelligence Analyst, where he has used his knowledge in Tableau, SQL, Excel, SAS, and Business domain to transform raw data into meaningful visualizations.

He has automated and streamlined various business processes, thus reducing at least 3-days long process. He used his knowledge in business and tableau to make various dashboards, sales reports and has assisted the international business team to uncover the lost sales in the European region.

At Centre for Digital Media, he has taken the role of Project Manager/Scrum Master where he had led multidisciplinary teams to success. He had used the Agile Methodology (Scrum and Design) and made sure projects are completed before the deadlines. He moderated daily standup and made sure all the impedances are removed. He has worked with teams located in different countries and knows how to manage the team while maintaining work-life balance.